Hemp Mini Backpack


These beautifully made mini-backpacks are hand made with pure Himalayan hemp and lined with a strong durable cotton.  Includes: two adjustable back straps one small strap for hanging  one small front pocket and large spacious main pocket with zipper closures.  padded back for extra comfort & protection

Dimensions: approx. 10in x 8in

This mini backpack is made from Wild Grown Nepal Hemp 100% THC Free! Hand-made by a small 4 person company like ourselves. The hemp is wild harvested in Nepal and retted then cooked by hand to make a rustic hemp fiber that is spun into fiber again, using no automation at all. Once the fiber is processed our friends at Wild Hemp Nepal receive it and make it into various products that you see on our site. Some of the products are mixed media using cotton components to mix textures and colors not obtainable using the rustic hand made hemp fiber.  We met the owner of this company and were fast friends, he also works with his wife making hemp textile products that we are now offering at Ropanallc.com. Now you can support RopaNa and another small company all the way from Nepal with one conscious purchase! By directly trading with our friends in Nepal we can offer the best prices and best quality, we can even get you a deal and fill your new hemp bag with CBD before we send it to you! Email us for custom package deals: @ropanaconsultiing@gmail.com

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