CBD for Pets

Love for our Fur Family

Our dedication to wellness is not limited to our fellow humans.  We offer a dedicated Pet Nectar that is 100% THC-Free and made with US grown Hemp CBD. The quality of our pet formula is above and beyond other products on the market today. We laboratory test our pet nectar exactly as we do our CBD oil for human consumption. We do not spare any expense when it comes to the well-being of your furry friend.  We have our own tribe of furry friends, 2 cats (Tina and Earl)  and one dog (Maple). We understand that animals can be much more than pets, they are our beloved four legged family members. When you choose RopaNa for the wellness of your pet or yourself be assured, you receive only the best.

CBD for Cats

Our RopaNa Nectar is an organic MCT oil based tincture which is 100% derived from the coconut. Our tincture is labeled for ease of dosing, so that you can ensure your cat gets the most out of their CBD!

Anxiety Relief :: Eases anxiety related to multi-cat households, litter boxes, changes in environment, trips to the vet, or other animals.

Appetite & Mood Enhancer :: Helps with poor appetite, constant hiding, eating inappropriate objects, and crying for no apparent cause (18).


CBD for Dogs

Our RopaNa Nectar is an organic MCT oil based tincture which is 100% derived from the coconut. No added flavors, because dogs LOVE coconut. Our tincture is labeled for ease of dosing, so that you can ensure your pooch gets the most out of their CBD!

Pain | Mood | Recovery :: Increases appetite, eases excessive barking and nausea from car rides, increases energy, reduces muscle spasms and seizures, eases pain relief due to arthritis and aging joints, aids in recovery from illness and surgery, eases aggression

Anxiety Relief :: Eases separation anxiety, trips to vets and groomers, pacing or inability to relax, fear of thunderstorms and loud noises (18).


A's to Your Q's

How do I administer CBD to my pets?

Treats & Food | skin | paws

Animals love the taste of coconut, however, CBD can be applied to your pet’s favorite food or treats.

CBD can also be applied to your pet’s paw to lick it off or rubbed into the skin on their inner ear.

What are the dosing recommendations?

Dosing can vary and may require some experimenting to determine the correct dose for your pet. It is best to start with a low dose.

The typical starting dose for dogs is: 1mg-5mg /10lbs of body weight.

And 1mg-5mg for all cats (18).

Does my healthy pet need CBD too?

Yes! Pets may experience several health benefits from CBD use. CBD has been confirmed safe and effective from numerous Veterinarians (18).

"I’ve been using your nectar for my son (canine) who was diagnosed with cancer in October. This stuff is truly a blessing and I can’t thank you enough. We are so thankful. He was diagnosed in October and finally in December I said I must try anything and everything to give me more time so I grabbed some of CBD and give it to him everyday. I’m 100% certain the CBD is what has helped him stay with me so long and significantly slow down the growth of his tumor. I am so blessed to live in a time now that CBD is becoming more known. This is Ace last week after his dose for the evening. You wouldn’t even know how sick he actually is."

photo of Ace Ace

"My dog suffers from pain-induced seizures due to a back injury he acquired as a young dog that occur up to multiple times a week, if not daily. We were happy to find CBD as a treatment option for Bandit after trying many human-grade seizure medications (including phenobarbital). All the medications had serious side effects for bandit (he couldn’t even stand up to use the bathroom!), and didn’t prevent his seizure episodes. I starting giving Bandit CBD with his food in the morning and were able to reduce the number of his seizures down to one seizure, if any at all throughout the week. Bandit loves the taste of the tincture and doesn’t suffer from any ill side effects from the CBD."

photo of Bandit Bandit

"Hi my name is Hammer and I am a 6 y/o old English bulldog. My parents care for me so well they give me RopaNa CBD. I can suffer from environmental stresses (dogs, mail man, when the doorbell rings). My parents supplement CBD with all their great training and it really helps me. I have unfortunately also suffered from seizures, mom says two she is aware of, but I don’t know how to count so I couldn’t say how many. Well she swears the CBD is what keeps them far and few in between, and I agree with her! CBD has helped me holistically. We love it in our household. My sister a pitbull mix and brother a Rottweiler also use it for supplemental reasons. The parents use RopaNa too! We have the whole pack hooked on RopaNa."

photo of Hammer Hammer

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