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Our entire company is based on the philosophy of holistic wellness. This means a diverse, dynamic approach including mind, body, and soul. RopaNa is a Sanskrit word that means ‘to heal oneself”. Sanskrit is the ancient language associated with yoga. We offer many opportunities for you as a Yoga Teacher or a Yoga Studio Owner to incorporate CBD into your offerings. Yoga is already an incredibly grounding and healing modality. When you combine CBD and yoga, you become immersed in feelings of serenity and peace that emanates from the core of our being. Whether you teach Vinyasa, Kundalini or Hatha, CBD can facilitate experiencing a deeper sense of self while also taking the edge off of pain/inflammation.

"Teaching a CBD & Yoga class with Andrew and Rachael of Ropana was a wonderful experience in part because they are so knowledgeable and passionate about the healing power of CBD. They were able to expertly answer all questions posed about how to use CBD in the most effective way. Also, Andrew and Rachael are yogis who not only understand the subtleties of the practice, but create a meditative atmosphere in which to witness the effects of CBD on the body and mind. They are the only CBD manufacturer I know that use the sacred art of chanting mantras during production, which makes their products healing on energetic and spiritual levels as well as the physical. To take a CBD & Yoga class with Ropana is a valuable experience on many levels."

Amanda Inner Lift Yoga


We offer three options for making RopaNa part of your yoga class that are explained below. Once you decide which one is right for you just submit the form to begin your journey of healing yourself and others with hemp.

We supply you with RopaNa CBD products to use with your yoga students.

Invite RopaNa to join you at your Yoga class for an immersive and educational CBD experience.

Become a RopaNa CBD Retail Partner and offer our products at your studio.

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