The Compassion Program

The Relief You Deserve at Affordable Prices

We here at RopaNa understand that many people choose to use Cannabidiol (CBD) to help them manage pain on a daily basis. After all, CBD’s powerful pain killing properties are what inspired us to create CBD oils designed to help heal and nourish the soul.

We also understand that access to CBD can come with its own unique challenges, which is why we created a CBD Compassionate Care Program for those who need it most.

Patients who suffer from chronic illnesses or disabilities who enroll are eligible to receive a FREE 1 year membership to our program, this gets you a 35% discount on all CBD goods. It’s our way of giving back and showing a little extra love to the people and communities we care for so dearly. After all, we believe no one should have to abstain from the care they deserve because of financial need.

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Who Qualifies For Free 1 Year Membership?

We would like to extend this offer to the following groups:

  • Individuals with chronic illnesses or disability
  • Low Income Families
  • Nurses, Medical Providers, Caretakers, Social Workers
  • Teachers and Students (21+)
  • Non-Profit Groups and Organizations
  • Veterans and Active Military Personnel
  • First responders (Officers, EMTs, Paramedics, Firefighters)

Follow the 3 simple steps below to start saving today!

​*** If you do not meet any of these qualifications, we still offer paid memberships for as low as 10$ per month.

Paid Memberships

If you do not meet any of these qualifications, we still offer paid memberships.
Choose your option below:

One Month Subscription Six Month Subscription One Year Subscription

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