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Quality Assurance

All of our products are Laboratory Tested 2x to ensure the highest quality

All of our CBD isolate & full spectrum CBD oil is tested twice before being infused into our products. After each batch is formulated we test our finished products to ensure consistent & accurate dosing.

PLEASE NOTE: Laboratory Testing Sample volume may be a different volume than our products. This means that the test results reflect only a portion of the entire container you are buying. To determine how much CBD is in your entire bottle we have provided the example below:

Testing Sample size: 1gram = 9.97mg.
Our 50mg salves are 5 grams total.

Therefore, 9.97mg. (CBD) X 5g. (total volume of 50mg salve) = 49.85mg/ entire 50mg salve container

We allow for up to 10% + or – variance in our final products. We have determined this percentage based on the Colorado state laws surrounding cannabis testing regulations. Test results below reflect the most recent batch of products. Thank you for reading and please contact us for more help with interpreting our lab test results.

The safety and contamination testing including pesticides, residual solvents and heavy metals are all performed on the Full Spectrum CBD extract and CBD isolate before it is used in any of our products these additional tests can be found in the CBD isolate test below.


Mindful Vegan Truffles

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