Creating a Wellness Ritual

Posted on February 24th, 2021 to Wellness

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Many experts, self-help Gurus and spiritual teachers talk about taking care of yourself before you can truly be of service to others. You have probably also heard the statement “you need to fill your own cup before pouring into another”. The truth is that we cannot fully be there for someone else in need if we are struggling to keep it together in our own life. It is difficult sometimes to admit that we need a break and it is even more challenging to figure out what will heal us the most in that time away from the grind. Self-care does not need to be complicated or time consuming. One way to improve your personal wellness routine is to create a ritual around your wellness practice, in this case, when you take your CBD or CBG!

How to Make Your Own Ritual

A ritual is defined as any action performed in a certain prescribed order. We can create a ritual for ourselves around any action in our life. The three main aspects of a ritual in my opinion are setting an intention, regularity in practice and gratitude. I find that when I make something in my life into a ritual it becomes easier to remember and more of an automatic habit, rather than something I need to force myself to do. This is especially helpful when practicing self care because we often forget to take the time we need to recharge, reset and heal.

Set an Intention

Setting an intention is one of the most important aspects of creating a ritual for yourself. We perform so many actions each and everyday on autopilot without real thought or mindfulness in the process. When we pause and set an intention for ourselves we are giving a deeper meaning and a bigger purpose to what we are doing. An intention can be very simple such as “I am taking this time to release my fear of not being enough”, or “I am taking this CBD oil to calm my mind, heal my body and energize my soul”. When setting an intention think of the ideal outcome your CBD or CBG can provide you with in that moment. Really tune into your body and see what you need in the present moment. I believe that setting an intention for yourself enhances the effectiveness of any practice or product, not only CBD or CBG.

Regular Practice

When you develop a ritual for yourself it helps to perform that ritual at the same time each day to instill this as a new habit in your life. Creating a new, positive, healthy habit in your life is never a bad thing. Habits are different than a ritual because habits can easily become mindless. Rituals are not mindless, they are instead characterized by intention and gratitude. As you develop your ritual you will find it becomes something you look forward to in each day! Looking forward to some self care creates a huge boost in motivation during your day and keeps you productive and positive. When you make taking CBD or CBG a ritual you may notice even more benefits than taking it occasionally.


A ritual without gratitude is like a cake with no icing, it’s just not fully satisfying. There is a lot of research on how expressing gratitude regularly can shift our wellbeing in a positive way. The way I see it, is that gratitude seals in all of the positive energy and intention that we created for our ritual allowing us to fully absorb the benefits. When we express gratitude it directly improves our wellbeing and indirectly helps us to resist being brought down by negative emotions or circumstances. We literally feel better when we are in a state of gratitude and it prevents us from falling as low when things are challenging in our lives. It is such an easy practice to express gratitude. Think of anything in your life that you appreciate and just cultivate a feeling of gratitude for that within your body, mind and soul.

My CBD/CBG Ritual

I practice my personal CBD/CBG ritual first thing in the morning so that I can start my day off on the right foot. I set an intention first and foremost which today was to feel confident and energized. Then I take a few deep cleansing breaths to ground myself and shift my energy before taking my dose of CBD/CBG under my tongue and letting it sit there for 10-20 seconds to absorb sublingually. I finish the process by stating how grateful I am for the plant, people and energy that created this product I am using. I also express gratitude for myself, showing up to take care of me so that I can continue to be a light that inspires others. If you have extra time you can extend your CBD/CBG ritual with a brief meditation which feels absolutely amazing!

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