What is CBN and does it improve sleep?

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What is CBN?

CBN is a cannabinoid found in cannabis that is unique in its effects on our body. Cannabinoids are a unique class of compounds that are found in cannabis/hemp. You may just be hearing about CBN because it is considered a “minor cannabinoid” which means that it is only produced in very small quantities in the plant naturally.CBN is created through the breakdown of THC due to light, air and heat.Cannabis flower or extract that has been improperly stored (ie. Exposed to heat, air and light) or is aged for a long time will have a high CBN content.CBN is non-intoxicating like CBD and has been recently gaining attention as both researchers and consumers investigate the potential health benefits.Minor cannabinoids in general have been growing in popularity recently due to the ever expanding hemp industry.

What is CBN used for?

There have been studies evaluating CBN for a variety of potential benefits, including, improved sleep, anti-inflammatory, anti-consultant, antibacterial, analgesic effects, neuroprotective effects,  and appetite stimulation.Unfortunately these studies are mostly all performed with animals and have not been carried out in human populations.More research is needed but the preliminary findings are exciting and it will be exciting to see new research as it progresses.

CBN and Sleep

The most talked about potential benefit of CBN is by far improved sleep. There is however, some misinformation about CBN and sleep suggesting it has a sedative effect. There was a study done where pure CBN and pure THC were given and essentially the results showed that the sedative effects of CBN are present only when used together with THC.However, subjective reports from people who use our THC-FREE CBN products have reported improved sleep compared to CBD only products.That being said, we always recommend our Full Spectrum CBN oil for maximum effectiveness. We are happy to offer a THC-FREE option for those who are drug-tested, sensitive or just do not want to consume any THC.

Types of CBN Products

Like many other CBD products CBN comes in many forms including oils, capsules and gummies. CBN oils offer an efficient and easy to use product that can be taken under the tongue or mixed into food or beverages. CBN gummies are delicious and effective, this form is one of the most popular in the industry. CBN capsules are great for people who want to avoid any oil sensation or flavors but still want the full effects. I am not aware of any CBN topical products on the market since CBN is primarily marketed for improving sleep quality and duration. 


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