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Terp Nectar an Aromatherapy Beverage

Who needs alcohol anyways???

Our Terp Nectar is a first of its kind aromatherapy beverage that utilizes real hemp derived terpenes for a memorable experience in both flavor and effect!

Terpenes are the basis of aromatherapy and are found in many different plants including cannabis. The unique flavor profiles and effects of cannabis terpenes are incredibly diverse and complex unlike any other plant. Each batch of Terp Nectar is strain specific to allow the natural essence of the single cultivar to shine in all its glory. This is an entirely new kind of mocktail on its own or dream up your own concoction with some added Terps!

Depending on the dominant terpenes in each cultivar the aromatherapy effects will change. Rainbow Runtz is an indica dominant strain whose effects are relaxing and chill perfect for an evening of socializing, networking or alcohol-free partying! Make yourself a fancy non-alcoholic cocktail or a super special sleepy girl mocktail today!

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Strain: Rainbow Runtz (Zkittles x DosiDos)

Tasting Notes: Fruit forward layered with brown sugar and lemon accented notes of cedar and pine.

Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Ocimene and Limonene


"I use this product daily for managing anxiety and also inflammation and pain due to arthritis. It has made a huge difference in my life! I would highly recommend this product to anyone seeking natural pain relief, anxiety or depression support, or looking to expand their mindfulness practice. Thanks Ropana!"

photo of Nicole Lamont Nicole Lamont {CBD Entourage Full Spectrum Nectar}

This CBG/CBD tincture is extremely helpful in relieving symptoms of anxiety. There are virtually no side effects. I do not feel drowsy when using this oral solution. The benefit is a feeling of calmness shortly after using it. This THC free option is great for those who do not wish to consume psychoactive substances. This is my favorite of the entire Ropana product lineup.

photo of Lauren Luongo Lauren Luongo {2:1 CBD:CBG THC-Free Nectar}

The taste is delicious and soothing. I am able to calm my thoughts, fall to sleep with ease and actually stay sleeping. Thank you so much for making this product!

photo of Brenda (verified owner) Brenda (verified owner) {THC-Free CBD & CBN Chamomile Sleep Formula}

Small Batch & Eco-Friendly

RopaNa is a company with a positive vision.  RopaNa comes from the ancient Sanskrit language meaning “to heal oneself”. Our philosophy is built on the need for knowledge, quality and transparency in the CBD Hemp Industry. We are here to bring you the absolute finest Vermont CBD products at compassionate prices including THC- Free and Full Spectrum options.

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