How to use CBD Concentrates?

Posted on November 6th, 2020 to Education

What is CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrates can come in many forms including crude extract, distillate and isolate. Crude extract is the least processed and is similar to “Rick Simpson Oil” or “Pheonix Tears” but made from CBD rich hemp instead of THC rich cannabis and contains 50-70% CBD. Distillate is a more purified version of crude extract containing about 80-90% CBD. The CBD concentrate that we offer at RopaNa Wellness is a CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate is the most refined hemp extract which reaches purity levels of 95-99% CBD. This purified hemp extract is essentially pharmaceutical grade CBD and is very consistent in terms of quality, purity and efficacy. CBD Isolate can be formulated into CBD Oils, Topical Salves, food/smoothies, or vaporized directly. Continue reading to see how exactly CBD Isolate can be used to create your own CBD oil, topicals and more! After reading we encourage you to experiment and share with us what you create with this versatile extract.

How to Make your own CBD Oil:

The most popular CBD product on the market across the board is by far “CBD Oil” this term is vague and misunderstood by many but it essentially refers to any dilution of CBD extract into an edible oil such as olive oil, MCT oil, or hempseed oil etc. For this purposes we will be making a 1000mg CBD oil using our CBD concentrate and everyday items you have in your home!

What you will need:

  • 2 TBSP (30ml) or 1 shot glass Oil of your choice (RopaNa Wellness CBD oils use organic coconut derived MCT Oil)
  • 1.0 Gram RopaNa Wellness CBD Concentrate
  • A heat-safe cup
  • Hot plate OR pot on the stove filled with 1 inch of water
  • A heat-safe spoon or something else to mix with
  • One ounce dropper bottle or similar container

Step 1: Pour pre-measured oil into heat safe cup along with the entire 1.0 gram container of RopaNa Wellness CBD Concentrate.

Step 2: Turn on hot plate OR place a shallow pan on the stove-top with 1 inch of water on low heat.

Step 3: Place your heat-safe cup containing the oil and CBD concentrate onto hotplate or into shallow pan.

(**Note** If using shallow pan with water use extra care to NOT allow any water to splash into the cup containing oil and CBD**)

Step 4: Gently stir CBD concentrate and oil together in the heat-safe up while on the heat until the CBD concentrate is fully dissolved into the oil.

Step 5: When CBD is fully dissolved you should not see any particulate remaining in the oil mixture. At this point you can transfer this finished CBD infused oil into your dropper bottle or similar container.

Step 6: Enjoy your home-made CBD oil as you would any that you buy at the store for a fraction of the price!

This recipe yields a 1000mg. CBD 1 fl. oz bottle of CBD oil. If you are using a 1 oz. dropper bottle like we do for all of our RopaNa Nectars then 1 full dropper (1ml.) will contain approximately 33mg of CBD.


CBD Infused Food or Drinks

Another fantastic way to use your CBD concentrate is to infuse your favorite recipes! Almost every recipe can incorporate CBD if you are creative and know what type of concentrate to use. Our CBD Concentrate is perfect for food and drink infusions because it has an easy to work with consistency and has essentially no flavor so it will not impact the flavor of your culinary creations. If you did want to impart a heady hemp flavor into your dish then you can opt for our delicious Organic Vermont Hemp Terpene Infused CBD Concentrates that are available in different strain specific terpene profiles. If you have no idea what terpenes are, be sure to read our blog “Terpenes ,Why Do They Make Us Feel So Good”

The easiest way to infuse any food or drink with CBD concentrate is to first make a CBD oil as mentioned in the recipe above. This oil is easier to calculate specific doses with incase you do not have a scale that can measure within 0.01g accuracy. Since each gram of CBD concentrate is equal to 1000mg. of CBD, extra care is required to measure out exact doses of the concentrate itself. If you do have a scale then you can also just toss the concentrate directly into any recipe you choose that contains some kind of fat (eg. olive oil or butter). Just remember that each 0.1 g. of concentrate is 100mg of CBD. Cannabinoids are fat soluble molecules, so it is best to also have fat in the drink you will be infusing such as hot chocolate or Chai Tea (Check out our CBD Chai Recipe Here)

Vaporizing CBD Concentrates

Another popular way to use CBD concentrates is to vaporize them using an electronic cigarette pen or similar vaporizer device. Vaporizing hemp concentrates is by far the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD. When vaporizing CBD the effects can be felt within minutes, sometimes seconds. This quick action is ideal for people with extreme anxiety and panic attack situations, when relief cannot wait.

It is simple and easy to vaporize CBD concentrates using a device such as the Puffco Peak. The Puffco Peak is our favorite device we have tested for vaporizing our CBD. The peak is delivers maximum flavor and effect without the use of any flame. This device is easy to use and clean in addition to being highly portable. For those who prefer something similar to an electronic cigarette Puffco makes a pen model vaporizer called the Puffco Plus. The Plus definitely does its job but overall does not perform up to the same level as the Peak. There are other companies that make many different kinds of vaporizers in addition to Puffco, another that we have tried is the Pulsar APS Wax pen,   this pen is very impressive featuring an all quartz coil heating system and chamber. The Pulsar APS Wax pen definitely gets the job done and is honestly a better option than the Puffco Plus in our opinion, if you are going to go with a pen style vaporizer.

We highly recommend our Organic Vermont Hemp Terpene Infused CBD Concentrate if you are considering vaporizing as your preferred method of CBD consumption. Terpenes not only add an absolutely amazing aroma and flavor, but they also provide added therapeutic benefits to the experience. As previously mentioned, our blog on Terpenes goes into great detail about why terpenes are important and how they benefit your overall wellness journey. Our favorite strain that we are offering right now is the Hawaiian Haze which has notes of cherry, pineapple, and passionfruit!

CBG Concentrates

Just as there are CBD concentrates there are also CBG concentrates in crude, distillate or isolate. We are proud to be offering CBG Isolate available with or without Organic Vermont Hemp Terpenes! If you haven’t heard of CBG yet please check out our blog “What is CBG and Why is It Unique?”. Our new CBG formulations have been our top selling products ever since they were released! Customers have been reporting more potent relaxation, inflammation relief and mood boost in their reviews.



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