Ropana Nectar for Pets (500mg. CBD)

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$30.00 or $27.00 / month


Our dedication to wellness is not limited to our fellow humans.  We offer a dedicated Pet Nectar that is 100% THC-Free and made with US grown Hemp CBD. The quality of our pet formula is above and beyond other products on the market today. We laboratory test our pet nectar exactly as we do our CBD oil for human consumption. We do not spare any expense when it comes to the well-being of your furry friend.  We have our own tribe of furry friends, 2 cats (Tina and Earl)  and one dog (Maple). We understand that animals can be much more than pets, they are our beloved four legged family members. When you choose RopaNa for the wellness of your pet or yourself be assured, you receive only the best.

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