Handmade Nepalese Shiva Statue


These statues are ideal for setting up sacred spaces for yoga, meditation, reiki and other spiritual work. You can also display as a decoration that brings auspiciousness and blessings. This Shiva statue was hand crafted in Nepal and comes with the original authenticity seal from the factory.

Each one is made of pure copper, a sacred metal. Shiva is one of the three central figures of yoga and eastern spiritual traditions such as hinduism. He is known as the god of destruction and rebirth. Shiva is also the master of both poison and medicine. He holds a trident, damaru (drum), and a kalasha (water vessel).

Legend beholds that Shiva was very fond of cannabis that he smoked out of a small pipe called a chillum. He is intimately connected with cannabis and herbal medicines. There are many legends of Shiva, he is also referred to as the original yogi, the one who first bestowed the knowledge of yogic sciences to humans. *Remember to treat all sacred objects with respect and special care*

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