Handmade Tibetan Singing Bowl with Design #1


This handcrafted Tibetan Singing Bowl was made in Nepal by skilled artisans. This bowl features intricately inscribed designs including sacred symbols and mantra. Each bowl is one of a kind in appearance and tone. These are fantastic beginner to intermediate singing bowls that are easy to play and have deep resonance.

Singing bowls have been used for centuries for meditation and sound therapy. Simple to play and mesmerizing to the senses, singing bowls are deeply relaxing to listen to. Simply play the bowl before or after sitting down to meditate to enhance the experience. You can also press the bowl into your body gently and strike it with the mallet to allow the vibration to move through your body. Each bowl comes with a mallet.

A beautiful single tone comes from these hand cast new Tibetan singing bowls.Each singing bowl is hand cast and tuned by singing bowl artisans in the Kathmandu Valley.


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